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The crane and hoist industry is unique in that there is always a new material handling problem to be solved... and there is always a new and better way to solve the material handling problem.

EFI is widely known for providing new and innovative solutions to a wide variety of material handling problems. The following represents a few of the projects we have designed and built that fall well beyond the common overhead bridge crane.

EFI's Scorpion Welding and Workstation System

EFI's Scorpion Welding & Workstation SystemEFI's Scorpion Welding & Workstation System EFI's Scorpion Welding & Workstation SystemScorpion welding productScorpion welding productScorpion welding product

This EFI designed and built wall traveling work station system eliminates shop floor clutter and damage to wire feed welders, torch lines, air lines, 110 v power lines etc. The system puts all (or part of) these utilities up on the swinging and traveling boom instead of on the floor in harms way. Tired of the downtime and cost incurred by replacing welding cables and hoses? Call EFI to learn more about how the Scorpion can save you $$$ on maintenance and increase productivity! With the Scorpion a worker can MIG weld in one location, move to another location 125’ away and in only 60 seconds, he is back to work welding again!


Quad drum - single motor hoists
These hoists feature 4 drums operating from one common motor and shaft. This arrangement ensures a large load with varying weight distribution will always be hoisted level and in a controlled manner. This particular unit is used in a boat handling facility.
C-Hook load beam with hoisting feature
This very unique hoisting apparatus was designed and built by EFI to provide a method for a boat manufacturer to install the motors – after the boat was nearly complete. The load beam features a movable counterweight and an electric winch to lower the motor into position. Conventional boat manufacturing installs the motors early in the boat building process. In this case, the motors were incredibly expensive, with boats taking nearly a year to build, the interest cost on the motors alone exceeded the cost of purchasing the load beam – on the first boat!
Turbine shaft handling dolly
This EFI designed and built dolly is used to remove turbine or generator shafts weighing up to 100 tons or more.

Stainless steel cranes
Food processing plants require clean-room conditions to keep our food supply safe. An EFI customer needed bridge cranes for one aspect of food processing. These manually operated cranes handle full capacity loads continuously, 3 shifts per day, 6 days per week. Everything on them is stainless steel – from the wheels and bearings to the fabricated main girder(s).
Swing-out monorail system
This monorail system actually swings into position for one aspect of the work it performs and then swings out of the way to permit the next work step. This product adapts very well to fall arrestor systems.
Lock and dam gate hoists
These EFI designed & built hoists are used to raise and lower gates for water control structures. Because of the outdoor and waterfront location, they feature the very best in corrosion-proof features. Capacity’s range from 20 to 30 tons.
“Swing stop” hoist
This EFI designed and built lower block arrangement virtually eliminates load swing and load rotation both vertically and laterally (parallel to the hoist drum). Call for details of how this truly innovational approach to rigging can make your beam handling completely controlled and safe.

Transformer handling jack and slide system
This EFI built jack and slide system is used to move transformers and other large objects weighing up to 500 tons.

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